Blomfield C V

Browning C L

Burdekin S

Cooper AEH

Forster FR

Greenup V

Hall GD

Lacy FP

Maxwell CC








Alexander CE

Anderson PS

Barry OC

Blomfield CV

Browning CL

Bone FA

Burdekin S

Capel R

Chapman PW

Concanon GLB

Cooper AEH

Cory HVB

Creer EJH

Dalzell DP

Dangar CC

Dibbs TGB

Doyle ED

Earp RW

Forster FR

Garland CS

Greenup V

Hall EC

Hall GD






Harris PV

Higinbotham LHR

Lacy FB

Macarthur GDDA

McDougall CR

MacGregor EJ

Marsland EF

Martyn PM

Maxwell CF

Pearse MW

Pulling CWL

Ralfe HDE

Rawson HWH

Ross LGK

Rundle B

StClair CF

Stretch TNH

Taylor WNL

Tindal LNL

Tooth OW

Willis J

Woodford HV

Wren HE




The Armidale School and the Great War 1914-1918: A profile of those 44 Old Boys and 2 Masters who lost their lives. Ian H. Johnstone (March 1985).



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